Thursday, 3 July 2014

Mini Donuts,krofki, Party Machine

Everybody loves donuts. Simple. Versatile. Irresistible. Classic. For centuries this unassuming little snack has delighted young and old alike. Call them donuts, doughnuts, krofki, Krapfen, fánk or beignet, their enduring appeal and popularity reaches right around the world. A seaside treat, a winter warmer, the perfect way to lighten up that dull any event.
Give your guests the food they will love! Our amazing Miami Wedding Venues will be a huge hit at any party. Operated by our own attendant for your convenience, it makes batches of delicious mini doughnuts in just minutes. Your guests have never had doughnuts THIS fresh!
For more information, please call us at 786 953 6147.

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