Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Led Dance Floor Rentals Miami

Dance floors may be placed on grass, cement, carpet, or sand. Thick, solid deck and teak surface. Excellent rigidity and very durable.


We find that at weddings and parties 1 in 3 people dance. Thus if you have 100 people attending, you will want a floor that accommodates 25 to 33 people who are actually dancing  see Rental Chart below. Each 3'x3' panel when assembled into a floor will hold 1.5 people. Divide 1.5 into the number of people actually dancing, and you will know how many panels you need. These are meant as guidelines only. If your budget is limited, then that determines floor size, not the number of people attending. The event space may have limited room and then that becomes the determining factor. Each event is unique, so we ask that you call so that we can determine your specific needs

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