Thursday, 1 November 2012

Intellectual Capacity Of Young Children

Modern Sciences clearly show that isolation from society at any age level causes irreparable loss of personality. In such cases, kids particularly suffer the severest blows and they never build a mind to know emotions awareness, learning fortitude and social responsibilities.

Art of Life to be learnt through parents:

Parenting is something more than clothing and feeding the kids. It’s somewhat like training and coaching kids the art of living on this planet. As Joan Beck, in his ‘How to Raise a Brighter Child’, writes: “Developing gross motor, fine motor, language, cognitive and social skills are all very important. It helps develop what are called neural networks. A neural network is simply a wiring of neurons. In the cortex of the brain there are billions of these neurons and hence the potential for children to develop more or less of these networks depending on the type of early stimulation your child receives. The more neural networks a child possesses, and the greater the frequency of use; the more likely a child is to develop a high intellectual capacity. In fact studies show that a “child has already developed half of his total adult intellectual capacity by the time he is four years old and 80 percent of it by age eight. After age eight, regardless of what type of schooling and environment a child receives, his mental abilities can only be altered by about 20 percent.”

Make Your Kids Bright:

So, give proper care and company to your kids before they grow mature and their learning skills slow down.

Gross Motor:

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