Monday, 3 December 2012

Let’s Together Dance Away 2012 – Last Resolution Of The Year

All is well if end is well. Well, 2012 is now too close to make a walk away from us and2013 is sure to come soon now. For some people this passing year might be one of the best years of their lives and for others, God forbid, it mightn’t be so. Anyways, whatever this year has been to you, let’s give it a great end. In simple words, let’s kick off the New Year with party.

What was New Year before Gregorian Calender?

But, on the first place, what’s this New Year partying is all about and what’s its purpose? This is about celebrating New Year and each age has deemed this time to be fittest time for festal cheer. A lot of literature has even been written on celebrating this event. But where does this New Year come from? In its spirit, time has no divisions to reflect its age. It’s always the same. And for us, it’s only what our clocks measure 
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and our calendars show. In ancient societies, New Year’s Day was usually celebrated to welcome harvest seasons. After a great winter, on arrival of spring season, the most of the Europeans used to sing songs, make celebrations, and do parties. New season was symbolical to the start of new life for them and for that new life they would don new robes, decorate their homes and bin their old things.

New Year – New Year Bash:

In last century, with the world wide spread of western culture, Gregorian calendar got acceptance everywhere and thus 1st Jan became the start of New Year. Though the year starts same day all across the world now,
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 method of celebrations are still different everywhere. Most commonly, people gather for praying in midnight mass where they thank God for being blessed with a new year. They make New Year resolutions and make promises to get rid of their bad habits. Relatives and friends are invited to homes for celebrating this event and greeting cards are presented to each other.

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